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About Painted Citizen

Painted Citizen is a unique apparel store that celebrates individuality and creativity to the extreme. We offer a clothing line that blends painting, photography, and fashion to create uncommon and totally comfortable apparel for women and men. 

About the Owner

Diana Price, the owner of Painted Citizen Clothing, is a performing artist located in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States. She has been known for her acting on Discovery Channel and various Improv troops. Price has been formally trained in fine art painting and has worked with photography since she was a teenager. Painted Citizen is a combination of all of her art processes. She paints the models, photographs them and then put the images on shirts. Her painting of the models, as she describes it, “is a intimate exchange of energy where both people are performing to make the most beautiful product, to make the human body a canvas and to promote acceptance of ones remarkable body.”Painted Citizen is a clothing line that truly mixes art and fashion to make unique apparel.

About Painted Citizen Signature

Stay tuned for Painted Citizen Signature where Price collaborates with artists from across the world to make unique and truly incredible fashion pieces. Each month Painted Citizen will work with a new artist to help promote their art work and Price hopes to create a community in which artists help artists succeed and continue to make the world more colorful.


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