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The best Artists

Posted by Diana Price on

The best artists don't just make waves;

they create storms. 

If Jackson Pollack met Lady Gaga and they formed a clothing company, you would get Painted Citizen Clothing.


That's been my motto for today. 

Here are a few artists who created some amazing storms. 

Lady Gaga - She really made a storm in the fashion and music industry. But what's really cool and interesting about Gaga is that she "played" the industry in the beginning. When "Just Dance" came out, most people thought she was just going to be another pop sensation, but then PSYCH! She comes out wearing a meat dress and she shows us all of her beautiful colors. She really is a master of fame, I don't think that the public could have really seen what she was going to accomplish. She does so much good for the world that people are astonishingly unaware of, she has the Born This Way Foundation, which is just super rad and promotes goodness. Check it out. I am super inspired by her art and her intensity. She creates storms and I love the new stuff she has given to the world. 

PS.... MY biggest dream is to Paint Lady Gaga for charity. I want to do a promotion where I paint her and sell shirts with her on it. ONE DAY!! :)

Coco Channel - She was a very interesting person and we usually think of very shic, feminine and girly clothing when we hear "Coco Channel," but in her time, Coco was creating a lot of storms. She was one of the first designers to make pants for women a "thing." She made it fashionable and ultimately sexy for women to wear suits. You go COCO! 

 Johnny B. Truant- He just writes super dope articles about attacking life and being a badass. He's for sure an artist. 



Back to work,


Inspired by you,


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