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Posted by Diana Price on

From yours truly!

'Tis Diana, 

I am having such a good time making Painted Citizen come to life. But more importantly, I am learning so much about myself. Building a company is a direct reflection of myself. What I put into it, I get out. Also, how healthy I am emotionally and spiritually directly reflects how my company is doing. It's unlike anything else really. Nobody is going to make Painted Citizen happen. I know one day, when I am a bigger brand, people will be like "where did she come from, it's like she came out of nowhere," but this post is PROOF that all good things start at the bottom. Then, people work their asses off to get to the top. I remember when I couldn't even sell one shirt -- ONE shirt. 

If you're at that place where you can't seem to get up, you can't seem to make it happen, read the book Think and Grow Rich, read this article and then see how you feel. 


Inspired by YOOOOU!


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