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The beginning

Posted by Diana Price on


This blog was created to connect with you so you can connect with my brand!

This is going to be my page for daily inspirations, weekly inspirations and just all around my inspirations! 

I have been going to the gym lately and doing some lifting (so sore). It has been interesting to watch my body become STRONG. I look at so many women and their idea of beauty is being stick thin. What working out and lifting has taught me, is how strong my body can be and therefor how emotionally strong I am and can be. 

I want Painted Citizen to be known for it's athletic, thick, curvy, sexy and NORMAL looking models. I want to create a brand that is truly for someone who has a "painted" spirit. 

Ahh! This is all so exciting and new. Painted Citizen is a culmination of everything I have ever been passionate about and I can't wait to show it to the world.

You are the world's next inspiration!

Inspired by you,

Diana Price 


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